June 2nd, 2019

I want a new drug

Art Sustains

Automatic drawing (Google it) has given me a place to put my outrage fatigue. Watching so many people people pine for a false past when we could have a real future...realising that the people who bullied me in high school were exactly who I feared they are...feeling fully powerless while genocidal bigotry and scientific/ historical ignorance are all but hailed as the new counterculture...the toll taken on my mental health has been catastrophic, and I'm nowhere near as vulnerable to this fascist uprising as I could be.

But yeah. Automatic drawing. For the first time in my life, I've found a creative pursuit where "bad" and "good" are irrelevant. It's all instinct and emotional honesty. I'm not judging myself or waiting for anyone else to judge me; I'm not trying to organise words or pair colours. It's pure freestyling.

My favourite method is to play a song, and let my synesthesia take the lead. My first drawing, which I plan to give to my father (the artistic patriarch of my family) is called "Dischord x 'King of Pain'/ The Police". It's full of drips and strands that seem to be clawing their way towards each other, as if to bring the disparate and disconnected shapes together. Hopefully I'll find a way to post them here.

It's nice being proud of something you made. Especially considering the fact that creativity is literally the only skill I have.

I'm on Facebook if you want to find me. Had to deactivate my Twitter because I was getting death and rape threats from Nazis. As you do. https://www.facebook.com/glamoursnipe
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u can't touch this


In addition to automatic drawing, I'm still writing Star Wars (Original Trilogy-focused) fanfiction. And it's got all topical. There's a Donald Trump analog, a Nigel Farage analog, a Vladimir Putin analog (who happens to be my female OC's sister), a canon character standing in as Hillary Clinton, a subplot about Twi'lek slave trafficking, a resurging human supremacy movement, lots of LGBTQ characters, two polyamourous triads, and several protagonists flipping the script and going bad. It doesn't solve anything, but it helps.
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