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It's Thanksgiving. My advice? If you're somebody's dinner guest and anything on the table is described as low-fat, low-cal, low-carb...don't touch it. Grab an extra scoop of stuffing or potatoes instead. And don't skip dessert, for crying out loud...in fact, have a chai latte or some spiked hot chocolate with your pie. The trick to keeping a handle on your diet through the holidays is not eating like it's a holiday every other fucking day of the year.

I'm roasting a brined turkey breast French Provencal style this year, with root veggies and rosemary, and trying my hand at pomegranate vinaigrette. Wish me luck.

Weird Thanksgiving, though. For once, if someone were to ask me what I'm thankful for, I could give them a straight answer. More or less.
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