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Three Potential Holiday Looks (If It Were Up to Me, etc.)

I boosted the name of this look from the band Cobra Starship, because I was drawn to the idea of a vibe that's both lethal and otherwordly, cold yet unapologetically seductive.

MAKEUP: Reboot the tried-and-true smoky eye, using Revlon's shadow singles in Peacock Lustre (lid) and Black Galaxy (crease and liner), blending the latter out toward the temples to emphasize the ferocity. Apply Milani's Color Perfect lipstick in Berry Rich--even though the color name is one of my pet peeves because I've never been a fan of "berry", or worse, "bear-y" as cutesy substitutes for "very"--blot it down to a see-through stain, then reapply a lighter coat just in the center of the lips and smack.

HAIR: Too much, too big would be a very bad idea, so I'd reccommend a ponytail, maybe with a hint of a pompadour in front. Feel free to play with the texture, just keep whatever's going on in the back, away from your face.

FASHION: Go with a little gray or navy (not black) dress (a longer style with a provocative feature like a leg slit or side cutout would also be a huge win, as would a formal jumpsuit, or a tuxedo with the skimpiest of bustiers or camisoles underneath). Accessorize boldly--breastplate choker, black leather or lace gloves, full-on black stripper sandals. Slut.

* * * * *

My inspiration here? God help me--Jaws the Revenge (hey, at least that piece of shit turned out to be good for something). The way the setting abruptly changed over from frigid Long Island to the sultry Bahamas made me want to experiment with a fun, quirky mix of warm and cool colors.

MAKEUP: Take Maybelline's Seashore Frosts eyeshadow palette and apply it according to package directions--pale blue highlights the browbones, light and dark lilac-mauves accent the lid, lashlines defined in grayish-green. Shade the mouth with the same company's ColorSensational lipstick in Coral Crush, then varnish it real good with a coat of NYC's Kiss Gloss in Murray Hill Melon.

HAIR: Leave it down, unless you want to look like a midcentury fashion illustration. I'm all for a little theater in your personal style, but there's a point where things start to look too much like you tried to get in character. Either manufacture some rumpled waves, somewhere between mermaid and bedhead, or...well, I guess here's as good a chance as any to break out the supersleek Marcia-Brady center part all the stylists are pimping of late.

FASHION: Here's where I'm picturing the cool-warm dichotomy translated as a black and gold brocade dress with a stack of bangles and major earrings in silver (or black and silver brocade with gold jewelry, whatever you've got). Lavender or ice-blue pumps, maybe a white tuxedo jacket, and definitely carry an animal-print clutch, cheetah or python--keep it upbeat and playful.

* * * * *

"Carrie" because there's an element of naughty prom queen to this look, like a good girl slowly coming into her dark side. It's almost like a classy, sophisticated version of the "kinderwhore" style popularized by the riot grrls of the early 90s.

MAKEUP: Prep the eyelids with a dot of foundation or primer, dust Milani's Runway shadow single in Girls Luv Pink up to the brow bones, then rim upper and lower lashlines with Maybelline's Master Drama pencil in Coal Commander, winging it up in a kitten shape at the outer corners. Use a slanted Q-tip to perfect the shape, if it comes to that, then use Cover Girl LipPerfection Lipstick in Divine directly from the tube (if the lip line needs finessing, take a dry brush and take advantage what's already there to fill in the border).

HAIR: The beauty of this look is you can wear your hair pretty much any way you want. Up, down, sleek, tousled, curly, straight, crimped...my only advice would be to avoid all big, flashy ornaments and just let the style speak for itself.

FASHION: I see a pastel party dress--maybe there's even a crinoline underneath--paired with a matching or contrasting motocross-style jacket and black lace-up stiletto ankle boots. And just one piece of bold, badass statement jewelry. Lollipop or bubble gum optional.
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