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Stay in Drugs, Don't do Milk and Drink Your School

seraph_lost sent me this pile of hilarity comparing fandoms to diffrent drugs, which, me being me, made me want to offer my two bits.

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Star Wars IV-VI = Cocaine It may cause you some embarrassment to admit at first, because it's been a long time since this movie trilogy was the hippest, freshest thing in town. In some circles, its gold-plated reputation could even peg you as an elitist. But once its old-school appeal, along with the nearly atomic burst of energy and anything-goes confidence you get from indulging, hits you where you live--and upon realizing that the original Star Wars just speaks to your go-get-'em, 80s mindset--you decide, Aw, screw it. Nothing becomes a classic without damn good reason.

LOTR RP = Acid (the bad kind) To quote the movie Airplane: "You got hold of that bad acid, and didn't come down for two weeks. You kept telling everyone that you were Jesus Christ, and then you...jumped off a roof because you thought you could fly." Excepting the friends I made, and a few logistical details, that's my whole trip within this fandom. Almost two years after defecting, I'm still having flashbacks. Yeesh.
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