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If I Had a Dick, Here's Where I'd Tell You to Suck It

"Merely saying the word vagina doesn't automatically make you witty."

Damn right it doesn't. A weak, robotic word like that doesn't even have any shock value, and why the fuck do people treat it like it addresses the whole complex apparatus? Because it doesn't--it's just talking about that sheath where the blood comes out and the tampon goes in. Bor-ing! Why not just get over it and say pussy, cunt--umbrella terms for everything going on down there. Or if you insist on going with the medical-textbook lingo, at least try not to say vagina when you mean labia, or even clit. Fucking hell, that's a prude for you.

(Though they refer only to the external portal, I also like gash or slit. Those are a riot to say.)
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