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Wedge, Give me Strength

"America is a failed experiment, and I don't even consider it my country anymore. There, I said it. Enjoy your delusions, your apathy, your superstitions, your willful blindness, your comforting lies, your backassward priorities, your washed-up dream, your wishful thinking: This. Girl. Is. Fucking. DONE. I'd tell you to go to hell, but it looks like you're way ahead of me. England is a marginal improvement in a lot of ways, I'm not kidding myself, but at least they see the benefit of an intellectual standpoint that's evolved beyond the Dark Ages. What's the point of going to bat for people who're quite happy building their lives around a terminal case of Stockholm syndrome? Hail Brittania, motherfuckers." ~Dani O, October 3

Exactly what brought this on? Let me break it down for you.

A friend in Michigan said it best when she wrote that she doesn’t want to be demoted to a second-class citizen, as she would be under a Tea Party regime. Look at the vitals: she’s working-class, female, and bisexual--in a long-term monogamous relationship with another woman. Another friend from Massachusetts is low income, pagan, and sexually ambiguous; he’s in a stable but open relationship with, by all accounts I’ve heard, a great girl. My writing partner/ confidante in LA is a working-class militant agnostic and a passionate advocate for sexual freedom. One of my oldest friends from right over there in Andrews is a working-class female in a commonlaw interracial relationship. Then there’s me: low income (no income at press time because I’ve been looking after my sick mother), female, and a level six atheist. By revised standards, almost everyone I’m close to, myself included, has about two degrees of separation between them and the scummiest of the scum. And yet, most of our days are filled with plain old harmless status quo life, American-style: we drink coffee; we have lively conversations full of private jokes; we spoil our pets; we run errands and do chores; we listen to music/ read books/ watch movies; we embarrass ourselves and impress ourselves and confuse ourselves to no end; we want everything to turn out for the best; we live by strong moral codes and ethics; those of us who have access to cars pump our own gas…we all put on our jeans one leg at a time. And yet we’re depicted as threats, as the enemy, because we’re better at being ourselves than at upholding some overrated, mid-century Joseph McCarthy ideal. That’s NOT okay. What’s less okay is that people are mean-spirited enough to reduce us to our economic status, sexual identity, and personal beliefs in an effort to shift the blame from where it really belongs…even worse that some of you are so intellectually bankrupt you let this become an ethos, then jumped right in. Why? Long story short: we don’t want to live off your fair share of the money, take away your guns, burn down your churches, monitor your bedroom activity, gut out your lifestyle, redefine your “normal”, or patrol your thoughts…we don’t want to dismantle your version of the American Dream. We’d just like one of our own, and a fair shot at living it.
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