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A Recent Fandom-Related Facebook Conversation

STARRING DANIELLE (aka. me), NATALIE (a friend), AND PAUL (my fiance')

DANIELLE: One thing that really aggravates me about fandoms--ANY fandom--is the pointless quest to milk every relationship between two characters--be it respectful, hostile, protective, or parasitic--for sexual tension. Desperate much? Not every feeling is a precursor to sex. When you play like all bonds lead to the sack, you're basically writing them off as a means to the cheapest possible end...and I'm speaking as someone who thinks that sex rocks. Regardless of how much you love it, it's not always necessary.

NATALIE: Total truth. You see it in every single fandom in existence, though. Now, I will be the first to say there are a few shows out there that absolutely play with their slash audience, totally intentionally and are blatantly feeding them--but not every relationship that is deep translates to a sexual relationship, IMO. And I think a lot of members of fandoms are really screwing their own heads reading them that way. Is that what you think love looks like? Really? Kind of along the same lines, people thinking every bad guy is "redeemable" just because he's hot--folks out there willing to forgive any number of depraved acts by putting the character on some kind of pedestal "oh, but really he's just hurting, etc". Slippery slope, man--would you forgive those kinds of actions in your life?

DANIELLE: Could not have said it better. Seriously. Yes, there are characters that lend themselves to ships and slashing. Kimber and Stormer from Jem!, my girl-girl OTP, come to mind. But this practice of throwing two people together at random simply because they both send your libido into a tailspin...I just don't have that gene. It's submental, in a way, not to mention dismissive of how people's feelings work. Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy, for example--I know that's a huge thing among the fangirls, including some people I consider friends. Which, more power to them, but beyond their First Amendment rights, all I can think is, "WHY?!" And don't get me started on Han/ Luke slashers. I just want to rip out a major artery with my teeth.

NATALIE: Never, ever, EVER got Harry/Draco. Likewise with Harry/Snape. There was definitely more to their relationship, but it sure as hell wasn't sexual. Makes no sense to me. I love the derivative nature of fanfic and I think it's brilliant as a social experiment and a growing art form. BUT, as a reader, if I don't see something in the canon material to support reasoning for the relationship, outside of basic attraction to both characters in a pairing, then I simply can't get on board with it. YES yes yes, dismissive of how feelings work, and how romance/relationships work. Dude, I'm not interested in a smutty romance that makes no sense--if I wanted that I'd read a friggin' Harlequin. Each to their own and everything, and I don't want to crap on other people's OTP, but I agree that the desperation factor of sifting through every little glance and turning it into something it isn't reeks of a basic lack of understanding of human nature. Han/ Luke slashers, just...no. Not saying every fan pairing has to be canon to have validity--not by a long shot. But interpreting ANY form of tension, as sexual tension, does a great disservice to the quality of the writing on the show you love.

DANIELLE: Han Solo would no more sleep with another man than he'd impregnante Chewbacca. (And you can bet your ass some sick douchebag out there has written a fic about that.) That's the part of it that gets to me, the complete refusal to align a character's actions with their personality. Luke...I don't know. His sexuality is pretty ambiguous, so he's more flexible. Similarly, there's quite a bit of Luke/ Wedge out there, more than you'd think, and I don't have a problem with it because Wedge is such a reserved character, it's not a stretch to picture him being full of surprises. It's not my favourite thing to imagine, but it doesn't make me roll my eyes hard enough to see my brain, either.

NATALIE: Agreed. There is a huge portion of fandom that reads any staunch heterosexual as closeted. I think that's a very slippery slope too. Like you, I can't fathom Han ever climbing in bed with another man. Like the picture [of Katniss and Cinna] you posted, I'm sorry, but [the relationship Greg House and James Wilson] just flatly isn't sexual tension, unresolved or otherwise. While [other pairings from shows such as Torchwood] blatantly are.

DANIELLE: I was so anti-Hilson in the beginning, and for the most part I still am, but toward the end, it was like, "Ah, screw it. They're such perfect soul mates, NOTHING is going to cheapen what they've got. Have at it."

PAUL: This is why fandoms are bad--they are inherently full of internet perverts. Just read the book, watch the TV series and move on.

DANIELLE: Perverts--yes, and I admit, I can be one of them. But I'm a discriminating pervert.

NATALIE: Paul, true, but perverts need friends, too. Danielle, I loved the relationship between House and Wilson, but never, ever saw it as sexual. Likewise with Sam/Dean on Supernatural--I am the first to say their relationship is deep, and that they are soulmates is absolutely canon because they shared a Heaven, but at the same time I still can't see them screwing. Haha.

DANIELLE: I've actually considered writing a Hunger Games fic--but it wouldn't have anything to do with sex, or a pairing. It would centre on District 11's reaping, when Thresh and Rue are called. I have some interesting theories on how Thresh became a tribute, and told from Rue's POV, the whole thing would be pretty devastating.

NATALIE: I'd read it. I've seen The Hunger Games but haven't read the book, and read none of the fanfic. Rue was my favourite character though and I would definitely be more interested in backstory from her district. (I'm sure there was more in the books).

DANIELLE: Rue's death absolutely gutted me, in the book and the movie, and Thresh was the tribute I related to the most. So they're both hard characters to shake. And District 11 has probably the most draconian authority practices, which is where some of my personal ideas come from. If you get a chance, definitely read the books. They may be marketed toward young girls, but that's some deep stuff in there.

NATALIE: Will do. Let me know if you write the fic, would like to read it.

DANIELLE: I will for sure. Like I said, right now I'm just sort of jotting down ideas and theories.
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