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Either I Cry All Day or Simone Antilles Goes on a Chopping Spree


A: No leaving the bed until I've racked up at least six hours of sleep.

B: Coffee can't wait. Especially when it's chasing a fistful of Midol.

C: Avoid the news in all formats, including satirical. Read Carl Sagan instead. Get caught up in the infinite.

D: Spend a minimum of five minutes cuddling and/ or playing with each dog.

E: Try to keep a lid on any snide remarks about why America doesn't deserve a "birthday" celebration this year. Might as well soak up our freedom while some vestige thereof remains the law of the land.

F: If all else fails, bear in mind that I've only a week's wait to get my Union Jill on with the love of my life.
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