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(Something I wrote after the last election. Enjoy.)

Time to break it down and--hopefully--keep it down. So there was a post I ran across the other day that brought my blood to a nice, high, rolling boil. I'm not going to name names because the original author and the sharer are people I know and respect, despite featuring no common ground in the political sphere with me. This is not about them, it's about the terminology used...because it contained a lot of lingo the right-wing community likes to display like flashcards when debates are afoot. Specifically, what they see as the "liberal agenda". But each accusation is so fragile, so quickly and easily demolished, that even a professional eyeshadow-swiper/ lipstick-wielder like me can make rubble out of them. So let's pop in a few quarters and press Start, shall we?

"High Taxes"
So what you're saying is, you don't want to pay it forward. You have no interest in sustaining the society that sustains you; you'd rather just pig out on whatever you can get from it, and then give it the finger. Where I come from, that's called being a parasite, and--since most of you won't shut up about being wingmen of Christ--it's effectively the polar opposite of WWJD. Granted, I'm no fan of taxes being siphoned up by war machines and corporate bailouts, but if I were offered proof that the same mandatory percentage were contributing to a stronger infrastructure, education system, medical/ scientific community...even just incentives for veterans, battered partners, or the impoverished to pursue a higher quality of life...you wouldn't get a snarl out of me. And no, it's absolutely not fair to slice the same percentage from all stops along the economic continuum. Throw "punishing the rich for being successful" at me like it's some kind of unhittable curveball, and I'll line-drive "punishing the poor for lacking the means to buy more toys" right back at you, so don't even get me in that batter's box. (Of course, we could narrow the wage gap and that would resolve a lot of this, but never mind, this is America; we don't go in for rational solutions.) Maybe it's time to start looking at your country as an immediate family member, and forge a "personal relationship" (if you see what I did there) based on symbiosis, teamwork, and quid pro quo. It's there for you, you're there for it, and things just might stabilise after all.

"Reverse Discrimination"
Otherwise known, in most cases, as "not appreciating it when someone flips the script on your prejudice(s) and makes a fool out of you". Tsk, tsk, tsk. Well, allow me to spell out the fine print you've been ignoring: no-one has the right to call you out for merely being white, or male, or straight, or moneyed, or Christian, or whatever conservative criteria you typify. There's no shame in being any of those things, even all of them at once. But if you stand on those attributes while being a joik to someone who can't or won't join your club, all bets are off.

"Murder of Children"
Sigh. Because all abortions are brutal late-term numbers performed on promiscuous, low-income slatterns (smack tracks optional) by mua-ha-haing sadists (clown masks optional) with disastrous and often fatal results (exploding vagina optional). Get serious. Of course, when I think "murder of children" I think of something like the Sandy Hook massacre, but potato/ potahto, tomato/ tomahto, amirite? The killer used a Second Amendment toolkit to wipe out a bunch of post-natals, so it doesn't count. I regret to inform you (no, really) there will never be a foolproof way to stop abortions from ever happening again, but we could bring down the numbers with a one-two punch of comprehensive sex education and affordable birth control...ah, bugger, there I go again with the rational solutions.

"Mass Dependency"
You wanna talk mass (and woefully misplaced) dependency, what about our energy companies ripping up the planet for finite quantities of power sources while thwarting our attempts to implement cleaner, more accessible options...because it'll mean less green wallpaper for their offshore bank accounts? As I said before, we could revive the "made in the USA" label and treat our workers like autonomous human beings worthy of living wages, healthcare, and time off in the process...but, no, it's their own bloody fault they can't pony up enough money for education, safety nets, or the white-collar American Dream, so let 'em eat cake. (Maybe if they prayed harder and paid their tithes, God would give them a leg up.)

"Lack of Personal Responsibility"
Oh, for Wedge's sake. I can't touch this one without using the word "hypocrisy" or its synonyms about a baker's dozen times, so I won't.

"Moral Decline"
Hang on...you mean...the mind-boggling notion...the Straight Outta Bizarro World concept...that homosexuals, freethinkers, free spirits, and people (ie. women) who enjoy sex for its own sake...are NOT moral or social liabilities? That people's choices, beliefs, and lifestyles don't have to be Xerox copies of your own in order to be viable or functional? That my gay friend Marcelo isn't out to HIV-bomb your children any more than I'm out to convert them into little fuchsia-haired, pottymouthed, polysyllable-dropping atheists? Oh, snap, there goes your entire life's mission. Seriously, you fail at being the hero in the choose-your-own-adventure plot of your life, because you want to create an enemy using people who shouldn't get more than a cameo in a mob scene, even if they do tend to stand out a little more than the people on either side of them. If you're truly offended by someone's behaviour and want to tattle on them to your God, knock yourself out. But until someone takes/ threatens lives, causes injury, makes off with personal property, or destroys more than they create...stop worrying about how they screw in their lightbulbs and mind your own beeswax, if you have any.

Done and done. Accepting high-fives, death threats, or whatever else you've got.
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