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Here's what I'm taking away from the Chapel Hill shootings, and frankly, it should be obvious to anyone who doesn't consider 'Murrica the centre of the known universe: to faith or not to faith is the lesser issue, compared with living in a society that glorifies violence, vendettas, vengeance, and good old boot-in-the-ass aggression, while scoffing off compromise and compassion as the wuss' way out.

Make no mistake, here: I hate most religions pretty much equally. Loathe them. Detest them. I may or may not reserve extra contempt for the Abrahamic triad, what with all their emphasis on second-class citizenship, and may or may not find certain aspects of Eastern mysticism charming for their childlike lack of guile.

The point is, people are still people. Islam and Muslims, for example, are two different nouns. An abstract idea and its concrete subscribers. And while I have absolute zero interest in practising Islam (or Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, etc.) itself, I'm always ready to sit down and rap with a Muslim in search of the common ground I value more than conflict.

All the blame should be placed on the ideology and the SPECIFIC extremist crusaders using it to promote fascism--who, it goes without saying, should be clearly identified before they're pursued. Any rational person can put an individual ahead of their systemic beliefs or rejection thereof; any rational person can simultaneously harbour respect for human life and distaste for thoughtschools they find detrimental to society. But common sense is known to hit a wall when your culture is stuck on a destruction narrative, if only because it's so much quicker and easier than creation.

Another thing: I don't want to spend much time on this tip, but it's really frustrating that when a Muslim or an atheist goes on a killing spree in the States, half their respective communities have to step forward with disclaimers...whereas when something like Eric Rudolph or Timothy McVeigh happens, it goes without saying that Christians are innocent. They never have to face the court of public opinion the way the rest of us do.

(But to hear FoxNews talk, it's open season on Christians. Of course it is. Pull the other leg while you're at it; I could use the extra height.)
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